What is ACTIVAGE Open Call?

ACTIVAGE Open Call is an initiative focused on involving financial support to third parties under the specific conditions defined in the Financial Regulation and the rules of ACTIVAGE open call application.

What is the objective?

The main goal of ACTIVAGE Open Call is to involve new stakeholders and their technology, product and/or services, in order to implement innovative solutions using the mature ACTIVAGE ecosystem that increase ACTIVAGE ecosystem value.

Two open calls will be performed in ACTIVAGE project:

  • The first open call will support third parties introducing complementary IoT enabled technologies in the existing deployment sites and within the existing IoT platforms.

    RUNNING PERIOD: July – October 2018

    TOTAL FUNDING: 900.000 €
  • The second open call will introduce new use cases and new deployment sites for extending, validating and evaluating the technologies introduced in ACTIVAGE. It will be initiated by the end of the 2nd year.

    RUNNING PERIOD: February – May 2019

    TOTAL FUNDING: 500.000€

What is the timeline?

ACTIVAGE 1st open call calendar is structured as follow:

Active Project Open call structure

ACTIVAGE 2nd open call calendar is structured as follow:

Active Project Open call structure

How do ACTIVAGE open call work?

Each ACTIVAGE open call will be structured in four main stages:

STAGE 1: Open Call Publication and proposal reception

ACTIVAGE project will publish the full call requirements for the specific call. The full call details will include information about how to apply to the call, information required and timeline.

Candidates must apply their proposal in the website, including the next information:

  • Candidate registration.
  • Candidate proposal focused on the call objectives (following an specific template).
  • Any additional material (video, ppt., etc.)
STAGE 2: Proposal evaluation and pre-selection

An ACTIVAGE expert board will analyze and evaluate each proposal. After this evaluation, there will be a pre-selection of the candidates in which the best will be past to the next stage.

Any additional information could be required, if needed.

STAGE 3: Public-event presentation and selection

A public event will be organized by ACTIVAGE based on a workshop and presentation of each candidate and proposal. During this event, candidates may have the opportunity to know more about the deployment site and partners involved, and the expert board may check the candidates’ final evaluation.

At the end of the meeting, the final candidate will be elected by the expert board.

How to apply to this Open Call?

In the next months, an ACTIVAGE Open Call Guide for applicants will be uploaded in this section among other digital channels.

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