#ACTIVAGEOpenCall 600.000€ funding for Active Ageing + IoT projects
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  • Aim: implement and deploy mature IoT solutions using the current European deployment sites’ IoT ecosystem for testing, demonstration and initial market take-up.
  • Target: European SMEs, Mid-Caps and Start-ups legally registered in a member state of the European Union or in a Horizon 2020 associated country.
  • Budget: 600.000€, with a maximum of 10 projects funded.
  • Deadline extended: until today October 31st 2018 at 23:59 pm CET.
  • Project duration: 12 months starting on January 2019.
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Frequently Asked Questions
The proposals may address one of the challenges listed in the documentation and demonstrate how they will implement the solutions in at least 2 deployment sites, with an exemption of C3 and C7 which only 1 DS is interested.
According to the budget (max. 60.000 €) and the size of each DS (the number of users per each DS) involved in the challenge, that you may suggest a maximum number of installation that you could cover.

There is no a minimum number of users/installation because it may depend on the type of solution and approach.
Yes, the services that you will offer should be based on one of the 7 IoT platforms supported by ACTIVAGE 1.universAAL 2.SOFIA2 3.OpenIoT 4.SENSINACT 5.FIWARE 6.IoTivity 7.SeniorSome
Basically, the idea is to define a group of users to extend their services with the new technology
Yes, there is not problem if you would like to present the proposal with both approach
The target of the open call is limited to a SMEs and start-ups but you can participate through them, that means they should represent you
The project will accept only one proposal per institution.
There is not restrictions about the market capitalization.
Yes, the budget is distributed or managed by the SME and start-up.
The only requirement is related to the staff, the company should have a maximum of 500 employees
IoT solutions: technological solutions based on Internet of Things, able to collect information/data, and transmit them using internet.

SMEs: small and medium enterprise

Mid-caps is a term linked to medium enterprise up to 500 employees.
Only one per institution
There is no problem, the second and third use cases demostrate how AIoTES can be used in order to provide interoperatibility between different IoT platform within the same DS
There is no a minimum number of users/installation because it may depend on the type of solution and approach.
The duration of the project is 12 months
The Open Call is available for UK based companies and the rest of Europe
If an activage partner in a DS is the client of the applicant is not considered an affiliation case.
The language of the applications must be in English.

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