Activating Innovative IoT Smart living environments for ageing well

Throughout Europe and all around the world, mortality rates have fallen significantly over the past decades leading to considerable changes in the age distribution of societies. In this context, people aged 60 are now expected to survive an additional 18.5 to 21.6 years and soon the world will have a higher number of older adults than children. This transformation represents a heavy impact on health and social care systems and is becoming a common challenge for European countries as they must find ways to do more with less.

In this context, ACTIVAGE aims to prolong and support the independent living of older adults in their living environments and responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities, through the deployment of innovative and user-led large scale pilots across nine Deployment Sites in seven European countries based on the IoT technologies. This way, ACTIVAGE will build the first European interoperable and open IoT ecosystem, reusing and scaling up underlying open and proprietary IoT platforms, technologies and standards, that will enable the deployment and operation at large scale of Active & Healthy Ageing IoT based solutions and services.