Events and conferences

Open&Agile Smart Cities Conference
11th-12th January 2017Brussels, Belgium

Sergio Guillén and Giuseppe Fico were invited by Martyn Briskov, chairman of this event and coordinator of SINCRHONICITY, to co-chair special sessions and give presentations in several workshops. Also, a networking dinner with City Mayors and representatives took place the day before the conference. This event represented a nice opportunity to establish business collaborations between ACTIVAGE and SINCRHONICITY.

AIoTI Matchmaking Event
15-feb-17Brussels, Belgium

Saied Tazari attended as a contributor to the AIoTI WG3

Análisis de la cooperación para la innovación europea sobre el envejecimiento activo y saludable y su impacto en España.
24th February 2017Barcelona Spain

Both CareWell and BeyondSilos projects came to an end in January 2017 after three years of successful implementation of technology enabled integrated eCare services in 11 European regions. We were invited to participate at a side poster event where we presented ACTIVAGE via a poster.

BHI 2017
February 2017Orlando, Florida (US)

Giuseppe Fico, Maria Teresa Arredondo from UPM organized a special session on IoT Ecosystems and Smart Living Environments for Ageing Well. Sergio Guillén from MySphera presented the ACTIVAGE project, Giuseppe Fico the Madrid DS.

CareWell and Beyond Silos Final Conference
27th-28th February 2017Barcelona, Spain

Both CareWell and BeyondSilos projects came to an end in January 2017 after three years of successful implementation of technology enabled integrated eCare services in 11 European regions. We were invited to participate at a side poster event where we presented ACTIVAGE via a poster

15th Annual Meeting of Ιnter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities
10th March 2017Athens, Greece

ACTIVAGE was presented via a powerpoint presentation at the 15th Annual Meeting of Ιnter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities

5th Smartcities conference
14th March 2017Athens, Greece

ACTIVAGE was presented to the 5th Smartcities conference.

The workshops main agenda was

1.Urban Environment Today: Strategy, Challenges & Methods of Implementation,

2.Technological Solutions and Innovations for Sustainable Urban Development and

Good Practices and Projects where good practices of smart cities were presented, highlighting the strategy, design and the ways they have been implemented. Mayors and project leaders shared with the public their valuable knowledge and vision for the future.

EIT Digital Conference & Partner Event 2017 "Delivering Europe's Digital Transformation"
21-mar-17Brussels, Belgium

Helmi Ben Hmida attended the action lines: - Action Line Digital Wellbeing and Action Line Digital Cities where several discussions and future cooperations theme based on Activage project have been discussed

CeBIT 2017
23-mar-17Hannover, Germany

Saied Tazari presented ACTIVAGE at the booth of the Federal State of Hesse


SiDO International Trade Fair IoT LYON France
5th- 6th AprilLyon, France

IRT Nanoelec host a booth during the event. ACTIVAGE Rollup was presented on the booth.Participation :CEA-IRT Nanoelec Mathieu Gallissot

The 8th Annual Internet of Things European Summit
19-abr-17Brussels, Belgium

Helmi Ben Hmida attended the following discussion pannels: Urban IoT – the future of Smart Cities in Europe, New business models for the evolving IoT ecosystem, and IoT and the future of work

Ageing Asia event
24th -28th April 2017Singapore

Finnish ministry delegation, with the lead of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Mrs Pirkko Mattila attended the Ageing Asia event in Singapore. As part of Finpro delegation, TUAS and SeniorSome were invited to take part. The participants at the event were heterogeneous but mainly leaders of various global companies, interested in the issues of rapid ageing. TUAS and SeniorSome held a lecture/speech and described ACTIVAGE project and its objectives in the field of ageing and its challenges to the societies. There were ministry representatives present.

Together for smart, age-friendly homes and neighbourhoods: shaping a European Reference Framework
26th April 2017Brussels, Belgium

Silvia Urra Uriarte (TECNALIA) made a presentation of ACTIVAGE as she is working in the is involved the “initiative” about “neighbourhoods of the future” where ACTIVAGE is visible

26th – 28th April 2017Malaga, Spain

Andreas Braun (FRAUNHOFER) and Reiner Wichert (SAGELIVING) acted as program chairs; Reiner did the closing keynote.

Helmi Ben Hmida (Fraunhofer) presented his paper with the title: ""New Approach for Optimizing the Usage of Situation Recognition Algorithms Within IoT Domains"".

In the Closing Keynote Reiner Wichert explained the privacy concept of the WoQuaZ DS.

Super Sernior Week Opening day
May 2017Turku, Finland

Finnish DS participated in May 2017 to a Super Senior Week opening day, in Turku. The participants included elderly, City of Turku healthcare professionals, caregivers, informal caregivers, local associations working with elderly. Activage had a stand where the project was introduced and the test practicalities and ecosystem’s possibilities elaborated.

Meeting at the German Ministry of Economy (BMWi)
03rd May 2017Berlin, Germany

Reiner Wichert (SAGELIVING) participated in the meeting.

Reiner Wichert explained the DS WoQuaZ use cases, the security and privacy aspects in the DS and the risks for such large IoT infrastructures.

The goal is of the Economy Inititative Smart Living by the BMWi to support the market entrance of Smart Living products. Here German companies and SMEs are discussing with the ministry the missing steps to roll out of Smart Living products.

AIoTI Strategy Workshop
03-may-17Toulon, France

Helmi Ben Hmida attended as contributor to the WG 5: Smart Living new strategy 2017-2021. The workshop has successfully delivered a full clear strategy that has been validated by the General Assembly

Digital Innovation Forum
10th – 11th May 2017Amsterdam, Holland

ACTIVAGE was present at the LSP booth.

Neighbourhoods of the Future: Open for Innovation
10th – 11th May 2017

Axel Albrecht did the presentation: "Interoperability within & among Distinct Knowledge Spaces: Key to The Neighbourhoods of the Future"

Saied Tazari attended the panel ""Open for Innovation


eHealth Week
10th – 12th May 2017Malta

Sergio Guillén (MYSPHERA) and Giuseppe Fico (UPM) were representing the consortium at the ACTIVAGE booth in the EU Project Pavilion

Sergio Guillén participates in the speakers corner presenting ACTIVAGE vision and goals.

CITY CHALLENGE crowdhackathon # smartcity conference
12th – 14th May 2017Athens, Greece

Guests and participants had the opportunity to visit the Municipality Pilea-Hortiatis booth and to be informed about municipality’s smart applications and Projects, among them the ACTIVAGE project. People were able to watch a short slide presentation about ACTIVAGE (in Greek) and get more information in person.

18/05/2017THESSALONIKI Thessaloniki Greece

ACTIVAGE was present there and represented by CERTH / ITI

Master Program of the University of Thessaly, Central Greece
22nd May 2017Larissa, Greece

Presentation by DCCG of ACTIVAGE at the Master Program of the University of Thessaly, Central Greece

II Ceapat International Week.
22nd-26th May 2017Madrid, Spain

Mª Satur Torre, Innovation Manager at Vodafone Spain Foundation, presented ACTIVAGE project at Round Table “I’m accessible”

Journée de l'Habitat Intelligent dans le lodgement social Landlords: home and Innovation organized by INRIA
23rd May 2017France

Conference given by Tasda AC Marmilloud : “Technological innovation for home support: the search for a combination of services” Innovation meeting: “smart home for ageing population” animated by Veronique Chirié Tasda , Mathieu Gallissot CEA was invited at the round table Both Tasda and IRT Nanoelec hold a booth on the expo with the ACTIVAGE rollup. Isabelle Chartier was present on the booth. Very interesting contact with landlords : person charge of ageing population, could be involved in ACTIVAGE experiment.

CORAL meeting
31st May 2017Belgium, Brussels

Teresa Gallelli presented ACTIVAGE project during the meeting to give visibility to the project in this important European network related with with AAL and AHA.

Presentation of the project and the ACTIVAGE IoT services in DCCG
2nd June 2017Demo room in Trikala

DCCG was able to present ACTIVAGE IoT services in the demo room that is located to the city of Trikala to the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information

IoT week 2017
6th – 9th June 2017Geneve, Switzerland
  • IoT in Medical Science and Healthcare
    SPEAKER: Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo (MYSPHERA)
  • IoT & Good Health and Well-being - SDG 3
    SPEAKER: Giuseppe Fico (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • GIoTS - "3rd Workshop on Internet of Things for Active and Assisted Living (IoTAAL)
    ATTENDEE: Giuseppe Fico (UPM)
  • IoT, Smart Living & Ageing Well
    Carlos Palau (UPV)
    Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo (MYSPHERA)
    Mustapha Bouraoui (STM)
    John Farserotu (CSEM)
    Helmi Ben Hmida (FRAUNHOFER)
    Several parallel sessions organized by LSP working group was attended by ACTIVAGE members.
EIP on AHA meeting. Transferring EU Public Policies into Regional Social Innovation
8th – 9th June 2017Valencia, Spain

MYSPHERA: Juan Carlos Naranjo

8th June: Open session on European policies related to Active and Healthy Ageing during the morning, and in the afternoon, meetings of EIP on AHA Groups and References Sites.

Objective: To generate awareness about the project at international and local level. Leaflets distributed among attendees to provide overview of the project.

9th June: Slot for presentation of ACTIVAGE at 16.00 to 16.30 (by Elena Rocher) at Midterm Event of APPCARE project.

Objective: To raise knowledge and awareness about ACTIVAGE and VLC deployment site at international level.

Major Cities of Europe Conference in Zagreb
12th -14th June 2017Zagreb, Croatia

Municipality of Trikala has a stand during this 3 days exhibition. One of the posters presented was about ACTIVAGE. Additioaly a small presentation of the project took place as well as a summary in the newsletter

mHealth Conference 2017
15th June 2017Galway, Ireland
I Jornades de Portes Obertes Consell Salut
20th – 22nd June 2017Valencia, Spain

LAS NAVES. Elena Rocher.

Informative stand and short presentation of ACTIVAGE.

To provide information about the project and the pilot to deploy in Valencia in order to recruit voluntary participants.

The Sixth International Conference on Smart Cities, Systems, Devices and Technologies
25th – 29th June 2017Venice, Italy

Pierre Barralon presented the article "Online Physical Activity Monitoring From Head Kinematics" paper

Summer School on Connected Health
26th – 29th June 2017Modena, Italy

Cristiano Paggetti (MEDEA) as organizer and Olivier Horbowy made a presentation about the project: in particular they were focusing on the research and development of technology based connected health solutions. The participation of members of Public and private Organisations, interested in the Connect Health domain, was an important strategic opportunity to disseminate the ACTIVAGE concepts.

Net Futures 2017
28th – 29th June 2017Brussels, Belgium

First Panel: Why are IoT platforms important for interconnection and providing personalized services to older people?

The panel was focus on the role of IoT platforms in offering to older people without digital skills personalized intuitive smart services at home in an easy and secure way. The EU's ongoing Large Scale Pilot on active ageing ACTIVAGE will provide additional input for the discussion. Participants:

Mrs. Pilar Sala

EU Projects Manager, MySphera & “Activage” Large-Scale Pilot Manager

Dr. Martin Serrano

National University of Ireland Galway, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Second Panel: How the EU's ageing population can generate IoT business opportunities in the housing sector and especially for innovative European SMEs?

The panel will present ideas around managing the transformation of a traditional home to support an ageing person and which market opportunities arise specifically for SMEs in this field. The EU's ongoing Large Scale Pilot on active ageing (“Activage”) will provide additional input for the discussion.


Angeles Mata

Shareholder and Manager, TERCERA EDAD ACTIVA S.L., Madrid – Spain

Isabelle Chartier

Silver Economy & Handicap program manager at CEA-LETI and IRT Nanoelec (Public Private Partnership for Micro and Nanoelectronic innovation) – Grenoble, France

Presentation of the project and the ACTIVAGE IoT services in Metamorfosis Community health center
7th July 2017Greece

Municipality of Metamorfosis presented ACTIVAGE via a powerpoint at related stakeholders on 7th of July.

13th Conference of the Hellenic Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities, Athens
7th-8th July 2017 Greece

A power point presentation with the title " The integration of Municipal Social Policy services in the era of IoT: ACTIVAGE"

TTSH Singapore hospital delegation in Finland
10-12 July 2017Finland

TTSH is an innovative rehabilitation hospital in Singapore, focusing on neurological and robotically assisted rehabilitation solutions. The TTSH is now most focused in digital regabilitation solutions, therefore visiting Finnish ACTIVAGE DS. TUAS and SeniorSome were hosting a visit of 4 persons from TTSH in July 2017 and presented ACTIVAGE project as part of the visit.

eHealth and cognitive declin (organized by ECHAlliance)
13th July 2017Valencia, Spain

Speaker: Pilar Sala (MYSPHERA)

Short presentation of ACTIVAGE, DS VLC pilot and how this technologies contribute to detect early cognitive impairment.

EMBC 2017
11th-15th July 2017Jeju, Korea

The following ACTIVAGE members gave a lecture mentioning ACTIVAGE during the “Big Data to Improve Outcomes, Process, and Services in Health” session:

  • Big Data for Active and Assisted Living (Sergio Guillén from MySphera)
  • Big Data to Support Active and Healthy Ageing Solution (María Teresa Arredondo from UPM)

7TH-8TH September 2017Lyon, France

Participation : D Marsollier FFD organized exposition Area dedicated to Building and innovation. Exhibitor : TASDA, Technosens ,CEA- IRT Nanoelec and FFD. Conference speakers : V Chirié TASDA : IsèreAdom « le projet du Département de l'Isère pour bien vieillir à domicile » Isabelle Chartier CEA-IRT : ACTIVAGE project D Marsollier FFD- Domea conseil Home automation and connected object for autonomy : T Chevallier Technosens : eLio A service platform a senior ready concept

Internet of Health Bussiness conference, The Netherlands
12th-13th September 2017Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Presentation of ACTIVAGE

Caring for Carers
19/09/2017Athens, Greece

ACTIVAGE Project was presented on the 19th of September 2017 at the conference “Caring for Carers”.

Atelier Della Salute and Sunfrail Workshop
22nd - 23rd Semptember 2017

Giuseppe Fico has been invited to a round table in the context of the Sunfrail project to provide insights and experience about Living Labs and Deployment Sites of the ACTIVAGE project. In turn, this project and forum constitutes a valuable reference to adopt holistic and community based interventions for Frailty, to be definitely involved in the Evaluation activities of WP6 and WP9

Tavola Rotonda: Sanità 4.0 realised by Confindustria L'Aquila
28- September 2017L'Aquila (Umbria-Italy)

ACTIVAGE and its potential have been presented by the partner IBM and Aurora Domus during the section: IBM Watson: Sistemi Cognitivi per la Sanità". Title of the presentatio: Dati e Informazioni a supporto dell'Ageing Well: Progetto Europeo Activage

Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition 2017
27.-29. SeptemberTokyo, Japan

They expected 300.000 visitors in 3 days, visitors from Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia. SENIORSOME and TUAS had a joint stand with Sendai FWBC, where SeniorSOME ecosystem (used in ACTIVAGE) was demonstrated. Most sophisticated home care professionals and technologies were present at the fair.

AUTONOMIC Grand Ouest Fair
28th-29th September 2017Rennes, France

Didier Marsollier FFD Animation: Home automation coaching workshop: the true fake of home automation for autonomy. Conference: ACTIVAGE project aims to extend and support the independent living of older people in their living environment and to meet the real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities through the deployment of innovative and pilot pilots on a large scale in nine deployment sites.

European researchers night
29/09/2017Athens, Greece

ACTIVAGE was presented during the European researchers night at the NTUA old builidng on the 29th of September

IBS Trade Fair
4th-5th October 2017Brussels, Belgium

Round table organized by Mathieu Gallissot CEA IRT “Will Cybersecurity of connected building become a major concern of occupants and operators?” ACTIVAGE as en exemple of end to end security FFD boot with ACTIVAGE Rollup.

Expo Real
05/10/2017Munich, Germany

Saied Tazari made a key note on the WoQuaZ experience and then was part of a panel discussion on Smart Living.

Related news item:"

AIoTI strategic event
18 Oct.2017Brussels, Belgium

Activage had contributed to the discussion around horizental IoT usecases combining Smart Living and Smart City scenario

eHealth Forum 2017
19th October 2017Athens Greece

Municipality Pilea-Hortiatis mayor Ignatios Kaitezidis attended the event and gave a speech on “smart health cities”. The mayor outlined in his speech the e-health innovation methods ACTIVAGE project is proposing. Many guests and participants attended and had the opportunity to get firsthand information on our municipality’s e-health projects. Votis Konstantinos from CERTH/ITI was invited as speaker for presenting ACTIVAGE and more specifically: Internet of things (IoT) technologies to support senior citizens’ independent living.

World standardization day
19th October 2017Brussels, Belgium

The conference has mainly discussed the following issues: How to replicate smart city solutions? Are standards the right tools for cities? Can the European Standardization Organizations be part of the cities’ journey towards a smart and sustainable future?

ATHENS Digital Health Conference 2017 
19th-21st October 2017Athens, Greece

ACTIVAGE and specifically DCCG will participate at MAST Health Technology Assessment workshop, in the framework of evaluation of the medical digital technology used in various e-health /e-care projects. Cities Net will also participate in a both there.

IoT Connected World & Semantic Interoperability Workshop 2017
22nd October 2017Linz, Austria

CERTH/ITI participated in the workshop, chaired the panel entitled “Semantic Web, IoT Platforms and Internet of Everything Secured and Connected” and presented also a paper about the Greek ACTIVAGE DS.

Healthtech Venture Forum 2017
25th-26th October 2017Valencia, Spain

Brochure at welcome pack and presence of MYSPHERA and MEDTRONIC

Digital platforms for homes, ICT proposer's day 2017
09th November 2017Budapest, Hungary

CERTH/ITI participated in the session organised by EC (project officer of ACTIVAGE) regarding Digital platforms for Homes

Datathon Critical Care 2017
1st-3rd December 2017Madrid, Spain

UPM together with Hospital Clinico San Carlos (from the Madrid Regional Health Service) and MIT organized the first Datathon on Intensive Care in Madrid. The aim is to stimulate the generation and adoption of open repositories for improving research outcomes in health and health services. Giuseppe Fico was one of the organizer and gave a speech about privacy, security. ACTIVAGE was mentioned as the spotlight project in Europe defining reference specifications on how creating new market opportunities based on data sharing while keeping and preserving privacy and safety of European citizens.

ECHAlliance Annual Gathering
7th December 2017Brussels, Belgium

Presentation of ACTIVAGE by DCCG at the ECHAlliance Annual Gathering

Presentation of project results at the conference “Smart Cities and Mobility as a Service Conference 2017”
7th -8th December 2017Patras, Greece

Dr. Evangelos Mitsakis (CERTH-HIT) participated in the conference and presented ACTIVAGE research results related to mobility needs of the elderey.

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