How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

We are experiencing an unprecedented world health crisis due to the Cov19. In this scenario, the ACTIVAGE solutions are helping to face this situation for elderly, caregivers and health professionals.

In the following sections you will see how the services running in the ACTIVAGE deployment sites are supporting the users or even how the existing tools can be adapted to manage the pandemic situation in the upcoming months.

At the Ecosystem Level, ACTIVAGE partners have developed some resources to help the community to go through the confinement process, working from home scenarios and also start to prepare for the new normality. Those resources are available and have been generated in collaboration with other projects as a quick collaborative collective response.

The resources are provided in the form of resource kits, experiences, best practices and recommendations and their aim to maintain in good level our living standards and interpersonal conditions with family or the people with whom you are living and sharing common indoor spaces.

The COVID-19 resources can guide/help the AHA community in the difficult journey towards Learning, Working and Living from Home, by using multiple views and based on experiences we have built these easy-to-read documents to also make your journey less painful and at the same time find your way to work from home more efficiently amid COVID-19.

All the collective information presented is the result of active participation of individuals that voluntary provided their experience and we build based on consensus these experiences to share. This information is made available with the objective of sharing experiences, being more effective and making sure that you are prepared for a working from home scenarios and that the working from home conditions don’t affect daily activities negatively.

COVID-19 Community Resources

Guidelines for Individuals and Communities in Confinement amid COVID-19,

Guidelines for Individuals and Communities in Confinement amid COVID-19


A Perspective for New Normality and Working Conditions following COVID-19

New normal


Disclaimer and Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the scientific community and active researchers for their participation and inputs provided to create and validate this document alike the feedback received. The main purpose of these COVID-19 resources are to be used as support for going into the process of Working from Home and eventually every individual with the correct understanding and application of normal criteria adapts your own methodology based on The 7 Key Confinement Process Guidelines introduced and explained in the Confinement Adaptation Kit.

We provide this information for free distribution under a creative commons licence with no liability or responsibility of any type towards its authors and with the clear understanding that its content and ideas can be extended, modified, altered.

Authors acknowledge the support from European Commission under H2020 Programme and particularly ACTIVAGE project, CREATE-IoT project, i3-MARKET project and NGI Explorer project. It is important to highlight that any official information and recommendations provided from official sources must be followed and this document does not interfere or surpass any official information provided by any of the health institutions, organisations or governmental authorities in your country, state or your local area.

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