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At the German federal state Hesse at different locations companies will invest in buildings for seniors that are equipped with AAL technology. Service providers make use of this IoT infrastructure for added value services. With the main business goal to invest in developing new, modern ways of living, all the three German partners aim at finding new forms of integrated, self-determined possibilities in all living situations in any age. In a first step the “Wohn- und Quartierszentrum” (accommodation & logistics centre) in Weiterstadt will use its 22 flats in this building. On top of its infrastructure, there are 22 installations of universAAL (one per flat) where all the datapoints and functions are integrated into the semantic SoA environment of universAAL. Its current installation is built on technology which is too expensive for low cost solutions. Thus the set of service components will be enhanced with low cost of the shelf components which will be integrated into the existing universAAL platform. The further contacted investors in Hesse either want to construct new buildings or equip existing flats with a future-proof infrastructure.

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The target of the DS is to reach up to 150 users.

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