Description of the deployment site

The Deployment Site in Emilia Romagna (DS RER) is located in the Province of Parma corresponding to the area where the Local Authority of Parma provides its healthcare services. The pilot technology targets a wide area of potential users, aiming at supporting independent life and ageing in place in a broad acceptation. Nevertheless, in order to allow for analytic assessment of outcomes and impact, and given the necessarily limited number of involved people, the pilot population profile will be narrowed to a more homogeneous class, and more specifically to persons recovering from a stroke event and still suffering from stroke after-effects, although not strictly requiring institutionalization.

Partners involved

IoT Platforms involved


Expected number of users and profile

DS RER is addressing mainly over 65 people and it is especially focused to deliver better outcomes for people with cerebrovascular pathologies who can live at home by maximizing the value of technologies that enable better communication between the user and the caregivers (both formal and informal).

DS RER plans to analyze two different users’ cohorts, featuring similar profiles: one cohort (100 users) will receive the technology support, whereas the other (100 users) will be the control group. 100 homes will be installed with IoT equipment.

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