Description of the deployment site

The focus of Isère Deployment site is to propose and test modular personalized IoT packs to enhance safety, comfort and social link to enable elderly to stay autonomous at home as long as they wish. The concept is to follow persons evolving needs along the ageing stage and support carers’ intervention to detect early sign of fragility, prevent loss of autonomy, and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

ACTIVAGE is benefitting from IsèreADOM studies on organizational model and reinforcing the local experiment with IoT based assistance service that is promoted through IsèreADOM web portal.

The approach is to have the carers at the center of the system, IoT solution is a tool to amplify their daily action by information given by the living environment. All information are decided and parametrized by the senior and the carers. One central carers called “referent sentinelle” is the unique interface with the senior and the professional team.

The Reference Use Cases piloted in ISÈRE DS:

  • Daily activity monitoring: Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), basic and instrumental, for informal carers support, for formal carers follow up and self-management.
  • Emergency trigger: Detect mono or multidimensional patterns or specific events combinations requiring external immediate attention. Emergency is regulated by standards, and very specific needs arouse, also in ethical and legal terms
  • Exercise promotion: Promotion of the exercise to improve the physical condition and to prevent certain situations such as falls or deterioration of health caused by cardiovascular diseases or other types derived from the lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Prevention of social isolation: Prevention of isolation in their living environment (homes or residences) avoiding the lack of social interaction. Promotion of social participation, monitoring social interactions and communication with different people.
  • Safety, comfort, Security at home: Management of sensors and actuator that increase safety, comfort and security of the assisted persons

Targeted population

Our objective is to create a continuum of care that combines human and technical assistance, bridging the different moments in elderly person’s life to limit the loss of autonomy and avoid unnecessary re-hospitalization. 3 panel of population are included in DS Isère experiment.

Activage use cases

Partners involved

IoT Platforms involved


Home sensor : each KIT include 15-20 IoT devices, personalized to be adapted to the beneficiary situation and residence.

Status of Deployment

  • User recruitment
    • Carers: 35 “Korian panel ” + 20 “Home panel” 95%
    • Installers 9/5
    • Elderly:60 active persons (50%)
    • 5 Recruitment conference organized oct – dec 2018
  • Deployment Status: started 10%
    • 3 Testing facilities
    • 2 Clinic Room at Korian (panel 3) 20%
    • 42 installations started 52%
    • 18 installation running ( Panel 1) 16%
    • 34 programmed between April – May 2019

First Feedback

The first usage feedback from active beneficiaries has shown that the expectations in terms of comfort and energy performance are the main priority, while the expectations in terms of security come with fragility. Concerning frail people, the confidence of the system is key to acceptability. The “case manager” of IsèreADOM “sentinel process” personifies this trust.

For professionals, co-construction based on first solutions presented by peers is important to enable them to build a “going further” and above all to keep the “meaning” of the profession.

An iterative construction involving all stakeholders is essential to define a useful, efficient and acceptable solution. The change management and project steering are complex because of numerous and different stakeholders, but success is possible in a systemic public and private approach.

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