Description of the deployment site

The focus of Isère Deployment site is to propose and test modular personalized IoT packs to enhance safety, comfort and social link to enable elderly to stay autonomous at home as long as they wish. The concept is to follow persons evolving needs along the ageing stage and support carers’ intervention to detect early sign of fragility, prevent loss of autonomy, and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

ACTIVAGE will benefits from IsèreADOM studies on organizational model and will reinforce the local experiment with IoT based assistance service that could be promoted through IsèreADOM webportal.

More specifically the modular IoT pack will propose mixed services for elderly and carers:

  • Propose comfort and safety service through a domotic pack
  • Prevent social isolation by proposing secure friendly visiocommunication service
  • Propose Adapted Physical Activity motivation through the eLio system
  • Detect early sign of fragility evolution by monitoring Vigilance Indicator defined with the professional and informal carers to prevent autonomy losses.
  • Secure people living alone with emergency trigger as fall suspicion

The approach is to have the carers at the center of the system, IoT solution will be a tool to amplify their daily action by information given by the living environment. All information will be decided and parametrized by the senior and the carers. One central carers called “referent sentinelle” will be the unique interface with the senior and the professional team.

The modularity and adaptability of the IoT packs will be designed addressing the needs of three different situation and population:

  1. Active senior in a preventive approach,
  2. Person with risk of falls, to anticipate evolution into fragility and losses of autonomy
  3. Person during hospitalization to foster a secure going back home, and a better appropriation of the connected service supported by professional teams.

Partners involved

IoT Platforms involved


Expected number of users and profile

Three cohorts will be included in the ISE site:

Active persons : Stage* 2 to 4, 65 – 85 Years old recently retired , living alone
Target : 30-50 users equipped

Cohort 2 FALLERS
Person who have fallen twice in the last 12 month
Stage* 4 to 6, typically 60- any years old
Target : 15-25 users

Cohort 3 BACK HOME
Hospitalized person after an incident or during a short stay in a nursing home.
10 rooms in two KORIAN facilities will be equipped :
Target 100 patients included
If possible : 10-20 person to be equiped at home after return home ( see cohort 2)

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