Description of the deployment site

According to a recent survey, Greece is one of the most “aged” countries in the EU. and more than 19.3 percent of Greece’s population is over the age of 65. Moreover, by following the economical context in Greece and the need of the health care system to cope with the ageing population and the increase in healthcare costs main stakeholders and National Governmental entities are looking to identify those open-source low-cost AAL services that will permit them to offer high quality AAL services improving home care for elderly but with minimum cost. Thus Smart Living Environments for Ageing Well seems to be very critical for the aforementioned countries

In this context, a large scale Greek Pilot that starts from Greece-Athens (Attiki region-Municipality of Metamorfosis) it continues in Central Greece (by the “Digital Community of Central Greece S.A” - (DCCG /CitiesNet)), and then concludes in the Region of Central Macedonia (municipality of Pylaias-Chortiati). The Main Objectives of the proposed Large scale pilot will be:

  • To promote the autonomy of elderly people living in their own dwellings (homes, communities, cities,) by supporting demand driven solutions through quality and sustainable welfare systems
  • To pursue Silver Economy policy initiatives, e.g. on eHealth, active and healthy ageing, senior tourism and age-friendly housing.
  • to make the old people to live healthy and independently at home as long as possible, through better prevention, innovative home care, community-base solutions (supporting the EIP AHA initiative).
  • To boost innovation by accelerating the development of ICT services for the ageing community.

Partners involved

IoT Platforms involved


Expected number of users and profile

The Greek pilot site involves the following direct categories of users.

  • elderly people (65+), older adults living alone
  • Healthcare professionals/ relatives/social environment /caregivers
  • Health care providers - Service providers / Care centers,
  • The whole smart living -AAL ecosystem and Integrated care in general
  • Mobility and transport providers, SMEs

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