Description of the deployment site

The Activage Finnish Deployment Site (DS) deploys pilots in Finland. The pilots are done regionally in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Turku. The installations are done both in urban and rural areas. Some of the main characteristics for elderly care in Finland are:

  • Long distances , thus for elderly loneliness is a big issue
  • Growing care expenses - integrated care needed
  • Active Assisted Living (AAL) implemented

Generally, the Finnish DS concentrates on developing these important areas during the ACTIVAGE project:

  • Enabling the elderly to live longer at home and have more security
    • IoT based Monitoring of activity and health / life science parameters and Contact with formal and informal carers.
    • Security trough location and event-based services such as fall-down prevention.
  • Need to increase seniors and potential fallers physical activity
    • Digital, tailored physiotherapy services
    • Gamified exercise programs, integrated with physiotherapy movements (=exergames)
    • Effective rehabilitation and physiotherapy with one-to-many model and digitalization.

The Reference Use Cases piloted in Finland DS:

  • Daily activity monitoring at home: Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), basic and instrumental, for informal carers support, for formal carers follow up and self-management.

  • Integrated Care: Integrating municipalities home care services with the support of the informal carers of the elderly.

  • Exercise promotion: Promotion of different exercise options to elderly, gamified physiotherapy and exergames. Target is to improve the physical condition and the muscles of the lower limbs, to prevent for example falls.

Partners involved

IoT Platforms involved

SeniorSome platform (Active Daily Monitoring and Integrated Care, Homecare)

UniversAAL platform (Exercise promotion)

Status of Deployment

User recruitment

  • Recruited 40 % of target (231 users/ 600 target)
  • Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere (AUC1,2)
  • Turku (AUC5)

Deployment status

  • Helsinki Eastern homecare district ongoing (AUC1)
  • Helsinki Myllypuro Service Center ongoing (AUC1, 2)
  • Jyväskylä home care ongoing (AUC1,2)
  • Turku: 3 Elderly Service Centres ongoing (AUC5)

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