ACTIVAGE Large Scale IoT Pilot for Ageing Well has been conceived as a unique opportunity to scale up Use Cases (UCs) that the demand site of the representative sites consider strategic for the ageing well of the target populations. The aim of ACTIVAGE LSP is to align, set-up, deploy and measure a number use relevant Use Cases that provide a value for the assisted persons in 9 deployment sites across several European countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Finland and United Kingdom.

It is important to highlight that ACTIVAGE ambition is that end users from the different sites are involved in the piloting of several use cases, in such a way that it is considered a single pilot and not the sum of different pilots with diverged ambitions. This has been thought intentionally to simulate real conditions that will emerge in an IoT-enabled European society sharing a homogenized offering of interoperable services, in order to maximize the adoption and minimize the effects of market fragmentation. ACTIVAGE Deployment Sites’ composition represents the European reality: a wide range of social models; different target elderly populations with the goal of extending independent life; informal and formal carers; different types of potential business models and mixed participation of public and private service providers; different IoT solutions mixed in different ways. The following Use Cases will be covered:

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