How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

1- How the services already deployed in the WOQUAZ DS are helping the older population to manage the pandemic?

In the residential care homes for senior citizens in Nieder-Roden, the Johanniter have been able to look after the residents with help of the concierge and the monitoring tool. This enabled relatives and caregivers to see whether the residents were doing well, if anything may has changed, without having to contact the relatives on site. Today they have learned to appreciate the advantages of the assistance system for external care - beyond the passive emergency call. This means that the system can imitate callbacks to the apartments if there is a potential danger. In Treuchtlingen and in WOQUAZ, support is provided internally – consequently the personal contact is always there and therefore nothing has changed here during the COV19 Crisis.

In summery our system makes care easier in many facilities during COV19, especially if there are contact restrictions. As a result, thanks to the installed sensors and the automatic notification, our system offers quick help if needed, while at the same time providing medical safety by having sufficiently distance to the residents.

2- How the current solutions can be scaled up for contributing to the outbreak management?


Basically, our system can reduce contacts and thus the risk of infection. Since our system is a communication platform, we had easily retrofit tablets at WOQUAZ in order to make Skype and other means of communication available to the residents. Setup and configuration could take place outside. The resident only had to receive the tablet and switch it on.

In addition, other monitoring sensors such as blood pressure monitors or pulsoxiometers can be retrofitted to receive information without personal contact. We are absolutely certain that due to Corona the need in telemedicine for contactless monitoring has increased so doctors and nursing staff have less risk to be infected. This does not apply to nursing homes and residential groups - it applies to assisted living and home emergency calls with external care.


  • Elderly are benefitting of the activity levels while staying indoors
  • Caregivers are benefitting of a solution that is safe to run indoors and not needing a physiotherapist in person there.


Technical requirements are working WIFI connection and the devices (TV, Kinect, laptop, optional tablet as user interface)


Setting up the devices, testing connection and testing if the system detects the behaviour and danger situations

3- Benefit for users

One of the biggest advantages for the users was that they could feel taken care of in everyday life without having personal daily contact. In addition, the staff felt they were close to their residents without getting too close.

Of course, this only promotes security against infection, but the system cannot replace social contacts. Here other plug-ins like Skype etc. support communication between the relatives and with help of our system we have created the necessary infrastructure.

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