How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

1- How the services already deployed in the FINLAND DS are helping the older population to manage the pandemic

Due the COVID-19 the deployment of the AgeWare in Sofia has been almost blocked. However, we are deploying the full solution in 8 houses where the team has access to. After experiments and explorations, when the restrictions are not in place, the solutions will be scaled up according to the initial plans.

After a careful analysis of the users’ needs and requirements, Sofia DS decided to invest more efforts (without additional funding) to make the AgeWare platform fit to the current needs of Sofia Patronage (they urgently need such solution). This cause development of additional functionality and services which exceed the initially planed RUC1 & RUC3. For instance - full UI/UX for web, tablet and smartphone, online questionnaires, daily schedule, interactive TV, video-conferences, fall protection, additional health wearables, etc.

In relation to COVID-19 Virtech extended the number of health monitoring devices far beyond the initially planned (see bellow):

Some additional initiatives of Sofia Municipality, supported by SDA and Virtech:

Reliable communication is critical in times of crisis. Sofia established two 24/7 online main communication channels dedicated solely to COVID-19 outbreak and providing news, information, advise, latest ordinances: a sub-website to the municipal site (https:// and Sofia Municipality Viber Community ( Both platforms are created as public-private partnerships. Regular information in English is provided to international communities residing in the city.

AgeWare (ACTIVAGE Sofia partner) has supported the Mayor of Sofia Ms. Fandakova who has called on the capital’s citizens to volunteer time and energy to help citizens at risk – the elderly, people with long-term health condition, socially isolated. Over 100 residents joined as volunteers, serving over 3,000 citizens who need assistance with food deliveries, other shopping, providing medication or a friendly social call. Over 60 local businesses support the volunteer drive donating food and needed products. You can volunteer here: 0700 17 310. Citizens who need assistance can request it at: 02/ 81 88 522, while psychological support is provided by professionals at 02/ 42 111 42

The information portal was created by Dr. Ivan-Asen Shishmanov, a doctor at the Cardiology Clinic of Emergency Hospital “Pirogov ”. The site provides information on how to properly prevent infection and information on the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, you can use the questionnaire on the site to get guidance on how to proceed. It contains questions about your current symptoms as well as your patient contact history. Please try to answer the questions as accurately as possible. Once completed, you will receive guidance on how to proceed, based on your answers.

The National Operations Headquarters of the Council of Ministers appeals to all citizens who are willing and able to engage in voluntary activities to combat the proliferation of COVID-19 in a state of emergency. Depending on the skills, free time, and area, there are many different volunteering activities anyone to get involved in.

  • Virusafe App. Accessible via Google Play and expected in App Store. The ViruSafe application, which is part of the National Anti-COVID-19 Information System. ViruSaf allows users to enter information about their health status, chronic conditions, and any symptoms of COVID-19. The information can be shared with the GP who will submit it to the District Health Inspectorate. The software allows the location of the user only with his explicit consent and if he has entered such data. Using ViruSafe will help create an up-to-date picture of the spread of the infection. The information collected through the application will serve to identify new quarantine areas or persons or groups to be quarantined.

  • EUvsVirus

EUvsVirus is a pan-European Hackathon organized by the European Commission under the patronage of Mariya Gabriel. EUvsVirus is supported by the European Parliament, the Committee of Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee . Over 12,000 participants have registered to the hackathon, which is structured around several categories of problems that need short-term solutions in relation to coronavirus health and life, business continuity, remote working and education, social and political cohesion, digital finance and other challenges. All 27 EU Member States are taking part as well as other countries.

The virtual hackathon aims through the knowledge and skills of the Bulgarian specialists, in the field of information technologies, physics, mathematics, earth sciences, etc., to conduct this VIRTUAL HAKATON, in order to contribute for overcoming the effects of this crisis through new ideas, products and services, focused on the main services of the Copernicus program

2- How the current solutions can be scaled up for contributing to the outbreak management?


A CANVAS Methodology was used to develop a sustainability and business plan for further scaling up of the AgeWare solution.

Figure 1 Sofia

Affordable cost was one of the main criteria – during the scaling up process a montly cost of AgeWare services would reach a level bellow €10/months.

Figure 1 Sofia


Older people living alone and their relatives or informal caregivers currently participating are benefiting from DS services. They are mostly socially supported people by Social Patronage. Private elderly care service providers will also be deeply involved – they cover the rest of the end-users.

Also care service providers can benefit from new services to provide to their users.

Governments to offer new care services, monitor and reach more vulnerable people.


A GDPR compliant infrastructure and services are still missing. Virtech has started a fast integration of the dataU platform (blockchain based) together with Jube - NL in order to make the AgeWare platform operational.


The AgeWare solution took several updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are speeding up the development of AgeWare at TRL7-8 and a number of new functionalities (user-centred, based on their requirements and needs) have been developed. This will make the platform operational in 1-2 months time.

3- Benefits for users

AgeWare will be an ICT solution which will optimise and increase the quality of the elderly service providing in Sofia in a pandemic time. The current services do not rely on ICT.

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