How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

1- How the services already deployed in the LEEDS DS are helping the older population to manage the pandemic?

UK has being in lockdown since March 23 2020 with special emphasis on elders and the need for their social isolation. The England coronavirus map reveals that the virus is active in the norther regions with Leeds having approximately 228 cases per 100K of population. Leeds is one of worst hit areas for coronavirus care home deaths in Yorkshire ( 43 per cent of all deaths in Leeds care homes were attributed to Covid-19 between April 10 and 24.

Figure 1 Leeds

Figure 1 Data from Johns Hopkins University at 20:02 UTC 25 May 2020

During such situations, it is very difficult for elders to get the right information and seek advice. NHS England publishes regular updates and guidance to population in UK but not everyone knows how to get to this information apart from relying on the radio, news channels and newspapers.

ACTIVAGE in Leeds provided regular updates and guidance to our cohort in Leeds by utilising the social connection channel used for reduction in social isolation. The events were published regularly to ensure that the elders within the ACTIVAGE group have access to government guidance and rules as well as NHS online COVID symptom checker and advice line.

Figure 2 Leeds

Figure 2 ACTIVAGE Leeds Website showing COVID-19 information

During the last 90 days, there has been an increase in user engagement as below;

  • Increase of 24.8% in user sessions
  • Increase of 32.1% in session durations

ACTIVAGE Leeds had 498 users in March, 121 came back in April, which means 51.71% of our users returned to our site during the lockdown, clearly showing its value during such period.

To further aid the COVID-19 situation, ACTIVAGE Leeds will be rolling out video calling functionality to enable remote social contact.

2- How the current solutions can be scaled up for contributing to the outbreak management?

The remote monitoring system, emergency triggers and reduction in social isolation use cases of the ACTIVAGE deployed in Leeds deployment site can easily be scaled up to contribute to outbreak management. During this time, we are rolling out the same solution in Shropshire (New council in England) to help them manage the COVID-19 situation better. Users are asked to register from their home and all the pre-configured equipment is sent to them via post to ensure they can be connected immediately to their family members.

3- Benefits for users
  • Maintaining social connection through ACTIVAGE services
  • Peace of mind for families who do not live under the same roof
  • Trusted information from a reliable source during the outbreak
  • Virtual community with ACTIVAGE family

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