How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

1- How the services already deployed in the FINLAND DS are helping the older population to manage the pandemic

The crisis has forced the group activities and day centres to shut down their operations. One pilot is ongoing in an elderly centre with more permanent end users, living there but those are not able to use exercise solutions due to their fragility.

Potentially, the solutions could help, should they be in day-to-day use in such facility with permanent inhabitants, that they could replace the physiotherapy visits or otherwise maintain elderlys’ activity indoors during the crisis time. However, currently, in DS FIN, this kind of pilots are not ongoing.

2- How the current solutions can be scaled up for contributing to the outbreak management?


The solution would enable the users stay active while staying indoors, provide fun solution to spend time and socialize.

The solution can motivate elderly to stay indoors more even when confinement time ends, keeping them safe from the potential second or third waves of outbreak.


Elderly are benefitting of the activity levels while staying indoors.

Caregivers are benefitting of a solution that is safe to run indoors and not needing a physiotherapist in person there.


There are special requirements, apart from the devices and architecture already deployed, to run the solutions specifically form.

Technical requirements are working wifi connection and the devices (tv, Kinect, laptop, optional tablet as user interface)


  • Setting up the devices, testing connection and optimal exercise location in front of system
  • Testing games
  • Playing
3- Benefits for users

Fun way to exercise and perform quality physiotherapy without face 2 face physiotherapy. Motivating and healthy way to spend time indoors. Physiotherapy can be delivered to users uninterrupted even during crises, to make sure the treatment finishes well and no expensive consiquences of failed post treatment will take place.

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