Results of the first ACTIVAGE Open Call

Deadline for the first open call was October 31st, 2018. Within this deadline, 85 proposals, addressing the 12 challenges topics were submitted through the “Submittable” Online platform, with applicants from 17 countries across the world.

In the review process, 13 external experts performed an independent evaluation of proposals across the defined evaluation criteria and ranked them according with their average score. The evaluation was completed and reported to the project on the last week of November 2018.

We want to thank again both all applicants and evaluators for the interest of taking part of the ACTIVAGE community and their effort preparing and reviewing the proposals received.

Please find below some figures that shows the challenges and results obtained on this initiative that endorse the success achieved.

ACTIVAGE challenges

Figure 1 Activage challenges

Number of submitted proposals: 85

Number of proposals per Country

Proposals per country
Number of proposals per Challenge

Proposals per challenge
Number of proposals received by each entity

Number of proposals received by each entity
Distribution of proposals received by each entity

Distribution of proposals received by each entity

Number of winners: 10

Type of Entities for winners’ proposals

Type of Entities for winners’ proposals
Number of winners per country

Number of winners per country
Number of winners per Challenge

Number of winners per Challenge
Open Call 1 Detailed Winners List

Open Call 1 Detailed Winners List

Please find below more info about the companies and proposals granted by the ACTIVAGE 1st OPEN CALL.

LOLA: A smartwatch-based Solution to support Healthcare, Independent Living and Community Engagement

Qolware GmbH create LOLA as a IoT solution for smartwatches that uses sensor data to support seniors and chronic patients through personalized health monitoring and detection of emergencies. LOLA provides precise information about the location and health situation of the person in need of help. This allows emergency dispatchers to have better insights about the seriousness and cause of the emergency, facilitating more accurate diagnosis and rapid response. Vodafone and SERGAS integrating LOLA in their EHR platform and call centre infrastructure.

This solution will be implemented in the GALICIA DS

MC CardioMonitor

MediaClinics S.r.l. is a start-up funded in 2015, whose focus is the design and development of IT solutions for health & wellbeing. For the Open Call they proposed the project MC CardioMonitor, intend to face the challenge of heart arrhythmias early-detection with a wearable IoT device which allows: 1)monitoring vital signs (i.e. heart tracing, breathing etc.) in the middle/long term;2) storing ECG signals together with breathing data and movements data; 3) processing data for automated arrhythmia detection;4) alerting medical staff in case of anomalies for further clinical evaluations.

This solution will be implemented in GALICIA and LEEDS DS

Strengthens Your Brain

OSC proposed Strengthens Your Brain, an easy and feasible solution to enhance elderly’ ability to perform motor-cognitive dual-tasks simultaneously stimulating both mobility and executive functions. In this way, it will be possible to reduce the risk of falling and improve elderly’ autonomy, independence, and health-related quality of life.

Strengthens Your Brain is a technological platform which includes a mobile APP and an exergaming solution characterized by motor-cognitive dual-task-based game battery aimed to stimulate elderly’ executive functions by means physical activity.

This solution will be implemented in the FINLAND DS

Muvone, wearable technology for osteoporosis prevention

Secmotic Innovation is a technology expert company that helps with the transformation of cities, industry and business specialized in the IoT area. They have proposed Muvone, a project that focuses on the adoption of healthy habits by the population to reduce the number of fractures associated with osteoporosis by up to 60%. The biggest challenge is to avoid the lack of motivation of citizens. Muvone solves this challenge using wearable technologies: through a portable device, continuous monitoring of the user's physical activity, calcium intake, as well as exposure to sunlight is carried out. These data are sent to a mobile application that synchronizes with a platform in the cloud where specific algorithms determine whether the physical activities performed, calcium and the solar exposure reach osteogenic levels that allow the increase of bone mineral density. If the minimum daily levels have not been reached recommendations are made to the user and he is encouraged to follow guidelines that will help him achieve his goal of improving bone health.

This solution will be implemented in GALICIA, GREECE and FINLAND DS


IMC- Industrial Management Consulting Slovakia, s.r.o was established in 2004 with objectives to provide consulting services for businesses in industrial management along with relevant enterprise information systems development. They built SmartMozinAge, a project that implement mobile application by applying various tactics to persuade and encourage seniors to walk. It includes personal progress statistics; short information about benefits of walking; real-time information related to available route events, how other users of the same age or family members are doing; where to walk depending on current preferences; engaging users to explore the city and share their findings with others as co-creation. Additionally, the solution can aggregate and benchmark information at a glance about all users (elderlies) and their support services to the health service and local event providers as a sustainable business model.

This solution will be implemented in VALENCIA and RER DS

Activity Monitoring and Coaching Assistant (AMICA)

Digiotouch focuses on providing sustainable digital transformation to smart city infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, and mobility industries a Digital Transformation Start-Up. As Opencaller they proposed AMICA project to address the challenge of daily activity monitoring of elderly people in multi-occupancy scenarios of the ACTIVAGE project.

AMICA services aim to offer physical activity recognition for users both in the outdoor and indoor scenarios by the use of transfer learning approach.The training and classification are performed in a GDPR compliant privacy aware framework. The physical activities recognized are further used to provide healthy coaching to the users, enabled by our smart device application. Digiotouch anticipates entering the healthcare market with AMICA.

This solution will be implemented in MADRID and WOQUAZ DS


Gruppo SIGLA is a private Genoese company, consisting of about 80 technicians with high skill and experience in Information Technology, which designs and develops software solutions for companies and public institutions. This company crate FILOS that aims at fostering the autonomy of elderly people by supporting their cognitive capacities linked to memory, sometimes failing because of ageing, thanks to the adoption of assistive IT tools - based on IoT, Machine Learning and Mobile technologies.

The project will made use of different available data sets and of analytics tools based on machine learning algorithms. For this reason, FÍLOS refers to the ACTIVAGE challenge 9 -Analytics intelligence.

This solution will be implemented in VALENCIA and WOQUAZ DS

Niklas Palaghias

Quadible The main objective of BehavAuth is to deploy, pilot and validate an innovative and mature behavioural authentication solution particularly suitable for Active and Healthy Ageingfocuses on integrating and deploying a multi-modal continuous behavioural authentication at the ACTIVAGE framework to improve the security, privacy, trustworthiness and user acceptance. A 2-week pre-pilot will be performed at the beginning of the project to validate the correctness of the integration. Following, a 10-month pilot will validate the interoperability and scalability of the BehavAuth platform and the ACTIVAGE framework at four deployment cities. Information related to the user experience, service quality etc. will be logged during the project to measure the success of the project, to refine the sustainability plan and the business model, to understand the needs and gaps and to demonstrate the benefits of IoT in the AHA area.

This solution will be implemented in MADRID and LEEDS DS

Modular and Open-Source User Authentication Hub

Commons Lab provides a solution for the challenge “User authentication” in the difficult environment of client groups who are very conscious about data security, but overcomplicated passwords and authentication can be very difficult for users of the services, especially for the seniors involved in the pilots of the ACTIVAGE project. The solution is a Modular and Open-Source User Authentication Hub based on open standards and communication protocols. It will act as an authentication service provider within a link-local network. It can provide three easy-to-use authentication mechanisms that do not require users to remember passwords. Users can authenticate using a physical key, their fingerprint and/or an NFC tag. The authentication hub will be integrated to the ACTIVAGE IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIOTES). This offers an easy way to deploy our authentication mechanism to all current or future IoT platforms, which are integrated with AIOTES.

CommonsLab has been assigned to work closely together with two of the ACTIVAGE deployment sites, Isère in France and Woquaz in Germany, integrating with their currently deployed IoT platforms, which are respectively SensiNact and UniversAAL.

Smart Flooring as a Service for Fall Prevention and Detection

Since 2015, Technis transforms the flooring into an intelligent platform capable of sensing, recognizing and predicting the activity happening at its surface. For the Open Call they create a Smart Flooring technology that operates in real-time and significantly improves homecare and long-term well-being of ageing people. The data analytics, powered by AI and machine learning through state-of-the-art algorithms, allow us to recognize, learn and manage new situations very efficiently. Thereby, Technis will revolutionize elderly care analytics, health predictability, and security.

This solution will be implemented in the GREECE DS

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